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As a nonprofit organization, BSFVI deeply values the trust that has been placed in us. Partners trust us to carry out joint projects; the government and private business representatives have confidence in our opportunities to generate solutions to help visually impaired people; donors trust and advance funds for our purposes. To safeguard this trust, the federation applies best practices in governance, accountability and transparency. And this applies to all levels of the organization.

Photo Ivan Yanev, PhD

People look to BSFVI and its leadership, monitoring the persistence and imagination in the important activity to build bridges between government, civil society and business, in devising solutions at the scale of the challenges we face. Those who trusted us deserve much more.

Ivan Yanev, PhD President of BSFVI

Board of managers

  1. Ivan Yanev, chairman
  2. Borislav Lazarov
  3. Dobromir Udrev
  4. Petar Dechev
  5. Stela Stefanova

Control committee

  1. Kanka Vitova, chairman
  2. Vanyo Biyachev
  3. Lyubomir Trayanov